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The only official Kennel Club Recognised Breed Club in Scotland dedicated to
The well being of Rottweilers and Owners throughout the UK.

History of the Club
Established in 1981

In 1980 a small band of dedicated enthusiasts founded what is now known as the Scottish Rottweiler Club.

Since it’s early days, both through hard work and the generosity of it’s members, the club has grown in it’s annual
Membership and in it’s stature.

Interest among our members are varied, while a small percentage are breeders, by far the majority are either exhibitors in the show ring,
competitors in obedience or agility competitions or in the working qualities of the breed.  We are also fortunate enough to have the support of
some owners who do not participate in any of these activities but are pleased to be a part of the club and of the ancient breed.
All of us however, share one thing in common, we love, care and appreciate the Rottweiler as we know it today.
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Welcome to Scottish Rottweiler Club
This site is copyright © to Scottish Rottweiler Club 2012, All rights reserved.  Webmaster Email
Code of Ethics
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The Scottish Rottweiler Club are looking to replace
trophies for all our shows.  March & October
Open Shows, as the trophies are now 30 years old
and are beyond repair. We would like to start with
the March open show and could ask if anyone who
have kindly donated a trophy for this show could
get in touch with Hon Secretary Jackie Thomson at
we would like to ask if they would like the trophy
back, if they would like to donate a replacement or
if they would like someone else to have the
opportunity to do so. I have attached a photo
printout of the list of Trophies for the March
Open Show, so if anyone has details on how to
contact the people who donated these if you could
please get in touch. Many thanks for your help,
SRC Committee

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Code of Ethics
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Diary Dates
Latest News.......
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Diary Dates
Some of the Scottish Rottweiler Club Committee & Members
At the viewing of documentary Black Beauty (About Rottweilers)
Some photos below